Sara’s Day 8 – Eating for Nourishment

Today’s challenge is to notice how each food impacts your mood and stress levels.  While training to become a Health Coach I’ve spent many days experimenting with how my body reacts to different foods. Over the last year I have become super sensitive to the outcomes. One of which, to my surprise, is my dearest friend Diet Coke.  I have learned the (gasp!) dangers of Diet Coke (and other soft drinks) and have s-l-o-w-l-y weaned myself from my one-a-day (you know, like a vitamin!) habit to an occasional treat.  This was not an easy habit to come to terms with. But this is what I’ve learned about my body’s reaction to Diet Coke over the last few weeks:

  • I began to notice a tiny headache at the bridge of my nose after I drank the soda.
  • My hips and joints don’t ache in the morning
  • I definitely sleep better
  • I don’t have that morning slimy nastiness in my mouth when I wake (I know, gross, but true)
  • Cravings are significantly less when I stay away from pop of any kind

I’m still experimenting with Diet Coke and I quit bringing it into the house, which has been a BIG help. Now, I only enjoy an occasional Diet Coke on Saturday night when we are out to dinner.  But I’m learning that water with lemon is just as satisfying – even with pizza! And I walk away from the table feeling satisfied (not stuffed – from the carbonation?) and not crabby from another failed food choice.

Today’s challenge encouraged us to eat and notice our mood and stress levels. I’m a recent fan of almonds. This has become my go-to snack. I have found that 6-8 almonds in the late afternoon will satisfy me until dinner.  Other items on the list? Spinach (which I mix with romaine in my salads, and aim to eat one salad each day). The Energetics of Food teaches us that eating leafy greens, by nature, lifts our mood (because they ‘spring up’ out of the ground – therefore, we take on that energy when we consume it). Really! Google ‘Energetics of Food’ for more fascinating facts and further explanation.

Oranges and oatmeal also made Dr. Albers’ list. They leave me satisfied and proud that I made a good healthy food decision, which elevates my mood and confidence.  My body also benefits from the vitamins and minerals, and *ahem* digestive regularity.

Be Well,



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