OMG! It’s Working!!!

Quick update today from yours truly, Ms. Skeptic, Ms.-I’m-Not-Sure-What-This-Whole-Month-Is-Going-To-Prove-But-At-Least-I-Got-A-Bag-Of-Chocolate.

My cravings appear to be (gasp) decreasing! I do seem to have them earlier in the day, say mid-morning, but if I slowly eat my one piece of dark chocolate at that time, I’m good to go for the remainder. That’s great news, but here’s where it gets really interesting.

My six year old daughter, who shares everything except sweets, inexplicably offered me three pink M&Ms from a mini bag she brought home from her class party. Not one to turn down such a rare offer, I quickly popped them into my mouth.

Within seconds, I was eyeing the rest, wondering how I could best distract her to go in for the grab. I was so consumed with desire for those little monogrammed lovelies that I had to leave the room to get control over my senses. Pathetic…and yet, very important information. You see, at the start of the month, I just wasn’t sure what difference it made in terms of what kind of chocolate I was eating. Now I believe it makes a huge difference. Was it a fluke? I’ll keep you posted.

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    February 22, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    I crave chocolate