“Mindful Eating Changed My Life!” (& I Lost 27lbs!)


Every single day I receive amazing emails from people all over the world who are eager to share their story. They explain the many ways mindful eating has changed their life. Let me introduce you to Heather! She is one of the many people who sing the praises of mindful eating. Here is what Heather had to say about the benefits:

1. Dr. Albers:
How as mindful eating been helpful to you/changed your life?

Heather: Being mindful to me is a life-long process/practice. Being in-the-moment and having a fun relationship with food. Food is not the enemy, the enemy is between our ears! I went to my nutritionist today and I am down 27 pounds. I know I shouldn’t be focused on the numbers but I want to give a shout out to being a practicing mindful eater.

2. Dr. Albers: Were there difficult aspects that you had to overcoming when learning to eat more mindfully?

Heather: Working around gym folks for part of my day you can say that the diet word comes up almost everyday. Many people have an, “Eat this, don’t eat that approach.” Being mindful allows one to choose what goes in your mouth whether you desire an apple or a bag of chips. That boggled my mind that if I want chocolate lava cake I can have it within the mindful eating guidelines. Which include am I hungry? Is this what I really want? Am I eating this because of emotional reasons etc.

3) Dr. Albers: Who has been helpful/supportive in this new way of eating (ex. friends family etc.)?

Heather: I went to a nutritionist/dietitian who specializes in eating disorders. Her name is Courtney Sansonetti. During my first visit with her, I was waiting for her to place the new and improved diet plan in front of me. Her first words out of her mouth was “I am not putting you on a diet because they don’t work.” She then introduced me to this mindful eating mentality. I was looking at her credentials on her wall because she just said, “No diets!!!!” What!!!!! My second thought was, “She crazy, one of those holistic nuts.” Right after thinking that she said and I quote, “I know it sounds out there, but it’s very practical.” “Great,” I said to myself, she reads minds too. I’m sure my facial expression didn’t help. After listening to her she asked me to go to the book store and to look up Mindful eating and so this is how I stumbled onto Susan Albers books. Haven’t been able to put down her books since then.

4. Dr. Albers: What are your favorite mindful eating tips?

There are so many helpful tips to choose from. I would have to say really being in-the-moment when eating. Giving eating my undivided attention, no distractions! Also, breathing and knowing that when I exhale my food will still be there!

5. Dr. Albers: How long have you been trying to eat more mindfully?

Heather: I think I’ve been doing mindful eating for three month now. It is a journey because as my nutritionist told me I will have to readjust from time to time. Nobody changes like a light switch. She also, said that each meal is another opportunity to be mindful and all other ways of thinking are a waste of time.

Way to go Heather! Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey toward mindful eating!

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  1. carduna@sbcglobal.net'
    July 28, 2014 at 2:50 pm

    I am Heathers Mother, and watch my daughter struggle for years with her weight… Diets Diets and more Diets, Lose and Gain…. Never mind the mood swings that went with it, and by the Grace of The Lord she happened to come across Mindfully Eating, as the determined women that she is, said, “why not let’s go for it”. As a result I have seen a big change in the way she thinks and respect’s her body now, there’s no restriction to this method other then how much food you inhale,the only thing I can say is I hope the word gets out there for all the people that struggle with there weight as there is HOPE!!!!! And am so very PROUD of my Daughter and her Happiness. The possibilities are endless never say NEVER! Her Loving Mother, Donna