Eat.Q. Blogger: Meet Sara!

Sara Wolfsen, 39, has struggled with weight since elementary school. The ups-and-downs of life have sent her weight in several directions. In 2006, she finally reclaimed her health, lost 80 pounds, and became a Meeting Leader for a popular worldwide weight loss program. During this time she became aware of her blossoming passion for wellness and nutrition and has recently become a Certified Health Coach in West Michigan. Through individual and group coaching she guides others to understand the powerful role that food has on optimal health while promoting positive body image and lifestyle balance.

Sara is a self-confessed peanut butter lover and has finally learned to enjoy this tasty treat in moderation. She does not care for seafood of any kind nor the ‘fishy’ smell.

Sara’s goal during the EatQ challenge is to learn even more about her own mindful eating so she can help others become aware of its benefits, better food choices and healthy body signals.

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