Day 9-Andrea

This morning while I was having breakfast, I enjoyed the bread that my co-teacher made for us. It was bread with different types of cereals, delicious! I ate a slice mindfully. After I finished, my daughter just took a bite to her slice and said, “I don’t want anymore.” The slice on the plate with butter and jelly on top was inviting me to take a bite. I picked it up and I took a bite. As soon as I did it, I thought, “This is a bad decision. I am satisfied with the slice I ate, and I don’t need to keep eating. I need to stop right now. It is not too late.” I asked my husband to take the piece of bread away because I was not going to eat it. He was helping my daughter so I said, “You’d better hurry before I change my mind.”  It is so hard when you have food that you want but you need to say NO. I am glad I did. Even though a slice of bread was not a lot of food, I felt that I won a battle. I know it is hard to eat mindfully every day with each meal, but if I can do it at least once every day, I feel that it is a good beginning of  change.

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