Day 8-Andrea

After the absence of yesterday, due to the storm and the loss of internet, it was great to receive the tips for mood boosting food today.  As it turns out, today was one of those days that the tips really were helpful.

This morning, I received a visit from the principal of the lab school where I am doing my master’s in Montessori. She came to observe my practice, help me to assess the arrangement of the classroom, and to suggest some techniques to improve my practice as a teacher. Well, even though I was very relaxed, and I felt very confident in what I was doing, I could not avoid a little bit of anxiety after the morning was over. I talked to her to discover her point of view of how the morning went. Shoo… after that was over, it was my turn to drive my 3 hours to the university. While I was driving I started to crave something sweet! I wanted a coffee with a muffin, or with a pastry, or with cake. Mmmm I had to stop for gas and I went to get a coffee. Right there, when I was going to pick up a muffin, I remembered that chocolate works better for mood boosting so I bought one bar of chocolate instead. I started driving, and even though I hate driving and eating, I took the time to smell the chocolate for a little bit before biting it. It smelled delicious. I also took the time to enjoy the first bite. I just decided to eat half the bar and save the rest for the way home that night. I was surprised that I was able to do it, because before I would have just eaten the whole bar without even thinking about smelling, savoring, and stopping when I had eaten half.

The list of mood boosting foods came in very handy today and I am sure it will help in the future.

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