Day 10 – Sue: 10 Ways to Distract Myself

Wow, did this challenge come on the perfect day for me to put it to work!

Today I was working from home (which I do every Wednesday) and I had to complete my year-end performance review.

Working from home when I’m NOT stressed is easy for me regarding food choices and snacking, but when I’m STRESSED it is much more difficult to manage.  At work, I keep a minimum amount of food available to me … because I know I will “stress eat” if the choices are available 🙁 Usually I have almonds, pistachios, salmon jerky and cottage cheese available in the office. But at home there is a whole kitchen full of food … and the grocery store is on;y one block away if I want something that I don’t have!

And I find completing my performance review to be stressful.  I know that I’ve done a good job, but I find it stressful getting the words just right on paper …

So here are some ways I can distract myself, a combination of tactics I used today and others:

  1. Go for a walk.
  2. Put in a load of wash.
  3. Feed the cat, who loves me in return when I do 🙂
  4. Tidy up around the house.
  5. Eat some grapes or an orange.
  6. Play music I like on my iPod.
  7. Clean the clutter out of my purse.
  8. Find a new recipe to make for dinner.
  9. Do my fingernails.
  10. Take a nap!

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