Day 10-Andrea

This morning, as soon as I read the challenge, I made my list with the ten things that can distract me from eating. My list includes making crafts, exercising, riding a bike, and visiting new places among others, but right now it is hard because I am so busy with college, work and family. Probably right now it is easier to find things from my comforting list which won’t take too much time and they will help to distract from emotional eating.

The challenge today was tricky. Many times I know that it is not physical hunger when I want to eat, however, it is still hard to stop myself from getting some food. While I am working, I hardly have time to eat a snack, even though in Montessori schools children eat when they feel hungry. I am teaching and I am super busy during the whole working period. If a child invites me for snack, then I will be able to sit at the table and have a little snack, if not, I don’t even think about food. Today, when it was close to lunch, I realized that my stomach was growling. Great signs! I was really hungry.

The chart that Dr. Albers sent today came in very handy. It was very clear which is physical or emotional hunger. The tools that we learned during the 10 day challenge will help in this journey of mindful eating. I know it is not easy, but the beginning has been great. I will keep trying this way of eating, and hopefully it will become a habit. Dr. Albers, in her book Eat.Q., has the best advice for all the people that have eating issues like me. I will always be thankful for this 10 day challenge which initiated me into eating mindfully.


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