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Day 10-Andrea

This morning, as soon as I read the challenge, I made my list with the ten things that can distract me from eating. My list includes making crafts, exercising, riding a bike, and visiting new places among others, but right now it is hard because I am so busy with college, work and family. Probably right now it is easier to find things from my comforting list which won’t take too much time and they will help to distract from emotional eating.

The challenge today was tricky. Many times I know that it is not physical hunger when I want to eat, however, it is still hard to stop myself from getting some food. While I am working, I hardly have time to eat a snack, even though in Montessori schools children eat when they feel hungry. I am teaching and I am super busy during the whole working period. If a child invites me for snack, then I will be able to sit at the table and have a little snack, if not, I don’t even think about food. Today, when it was close to lunch, I realized that my stomach was growling. Great signs! I was really hungry.

The chart that Dr. Albers sent today came in very handy. It was very clear which is physical or emotional hunger. The tools that we learned during the 10 day challenge will help in this journey of mindful eating. I know it is not easy, but the beginning has been great. I will keep trying this way of eating, and hopefully it will become a habit. Dr. Albers, in her book Eat.Q., has the best advice for all the people that have eating issues like me. I will always be thankful for this 10 day challenge which initiated me into eating mindfully.



Day 10 – Sue: 10 Ways to Distract Myself

Wow, did this challenge come on the perfect day for me to put it to work!

Today I was working from home (which I do every Wednesday) and I had to complete my year-end performance review.

Working from home when I’m NOT stressed is easy for me regarding food choices and snacking, but when I’m STRESSED it is much more difficult to manage.  At work, I keep a minimum amount of food available to me … because I know I will “stress eat” if the choices are available 🙁 Usually I have almonds, pistachios, salmon jerky and cottage cheese available in the office. But at home there is a whole kitchen full of food … and the grocery store is on;y one block away if I want something that I don’t have!

And I find completing my performance review to be stressful.  I know that I’ve done a good job, but I find it stressful getting the words just right on paper …

So here are some ways I can distract myself, a combination of tactics I used today and others:

  1. Go for a walk.
  2. Put in a load of wash.
  3. Feed the cat, who loves me in return when I do 🙂
  4. Tidy up around the house.
  5. Eat some grapes or an orange.
  6. Play music I like on my iPod.
  7. Clean the clutter out of my purse.
  8. Find a new recipe to make for dinner.
  9. Do my fingernails.
  10. Take a nap!

Day 9 – Sue: 5-5-5-5 List

This was the most fun challenge yet! I liked spending the time to actually write down non-food ways that I use to “comfort” myself.

When I was using sugar to self-medicate, I always said that I turned to sugar for EVERY emotion: happy, sad, tired, stressed, etc. Now I realize that I have developed effective ways of “self-medicating” that don’t involve food — or sugar!

5 Ways I Relax

  1. Take a long walk outside
  2. Take a nap
  3. Write my blog (
  4. Read Facebook posts
  5. Paint my nails

5 People who Comfort Me

  1. My children
  2. My husband
  3. A group of 55 women who went on a meditation retreat with me 🙂
  4. Listening to Deepak Chopra’s meditations
  5. Friends at work

5 Activities that Provide a Little Soothing

  1. Taking a bath with candles and soothing music
  2. Getting a pedicure
  3. Wandering aimlessly at Whole Foods
  4. Going ton a bike ride with my husband
  5. Going for a long walk outdoors

5 Places that are Comforting

  1. Anywhere outdoors
  2. Whole Foods
  3. My extra-long, extra deep soaking bathtub 🙂
  4. The sofa in our family room
  5. The hammock in our backyard

Day 10- Just the Beginning

Being that today was the last day of the challenge, I wanted more than anything to have a very mindful day.  I can honestly say that I was not as successful as I was planning on!  My morning and lunch went well.  I was at an inservice today at NASA to be certified to handle moon rocks.  Like most meetings, there was a spread of “stuff”to help yourself to all day.  I sat and ate only what I brought as others at my table ate granola bars, Doritos and chocolates!  Success!  I watched and didn’t touch!! It was when I got home that things headed a little south. I ate some broccoli cheddar soup, which I allowed myself to have since I was sick (and aside from making my own I was very unsuccessful in finding a natural no sugar added low sodium soup). I ate it slowly and mindfully and really enjoyed it. I don’t know if it’s because I am sick or what but I felt like I couldn’t get enough to eat. I had chicken, a salad, a handful of nuts and some banana chips! I haven’t felt this full in a long time. To be honest I felt a little out of control!

I have my list of 10 distractions…but I was just not having any of that!! Today was still an opportunity to learn though. I am very much an ALL or NOTHING kind of person. In the past I would have thrown the towel in and said “well I blew it… Might as well keep eating whatever I want!…I’m such a failure! I will never accomplish a goal!” Currently, I am working on and learning to move through the perfectionist all or nothing view! My day could have been much worse and not all days are going to be perfect!!

These 10 days were a great way to jumpstart or support any lifestyle change! As you continue to journey beyond these 10 days and practice mindful eating, be gentle and handle yourself with care! Negativity will not help you accomplish anything…especially if you are the one feeding yourself the negative energy! Practice distractions, be present, and rejoice in nourishing your body! I know I will…and if I can do it, so can you! Today is just the beginning of the amazing things yet to come!
You are BEAUTIFUL! You are SPECIAL! You are WORTH IT!



Tina’s Day 10- Hunger Scale & Recovery

For me, physical hunger comes on slowly whereas emotional hunger comes on rapidly and cravings are definitely strong. When this happens, I tend to minimize the ill effects from the last binge and justify my reasoning to eat despite being full or even painfully stuffed and miserable. Today, I made an effort to tune in to signals of hunger and fullness and rate my hunger on the Hunger Scale. I was so busy at work and that structure keeps me from over eating, but cravings were strong when I got home.

When I arrived home after my long day, I was physically hungry. Tempted to eat a lot and quickly, I slowed down, ate mindfully. listened to my body and stopped when I was full. Major personal growth!!! So, while I did have a moment where I experienced emotional hunger, I was too busy to act on it at the time.

The true test for me will be those moments where I have emotional hunger, no structure and time on my hands. That’s why I’m looking forward to finishing my iBook version of Eat.Q. I’m looking forward to developing coping skills, my emotional intelligence and utilize the EAT method to embrace, accept and manage my feelings as well as distract or self soothe rather than numbing with food like I’ve done so many times before. I finally feel like I have a great chance at recovery from my Eating Disorder. What a life changer.



Sara’s Day 10 – Be Alive in the Moment

Oops! See my post from Day 9 for today’s challenge. I got ahead of myself!

So my final thoughts….

My 7th grade son had a basketball game tonight. As I watched him on the court, I noticed a Mother from the opposing team sitting ahead of me. She was very busily snapping photos of her son with her iPhone, then her giant digital camera. Then texting someone, then snapping photos, then showing her friend the photos, then changing accessories on her giant camera, then….it didn’t end! She spent so much time being pre-occupied with her gadgets and conversations that she didn’t spend anytime focusing on the important reason she was there in the first place – her son playing a live game. She spent so much time behind the lens trying to capture the perfect moment, she wasn’t taking in the reality and aliveness of the environment unfolding around her.

Then I realized that sometimes I eat my meals this way – totally pre-occupied with my electronic gadget, or the conversation I’m involved in. Thanks to Dr. Albers, this 10-day challenge has taught me to be alive in the moment – to be mindful of my food choices – to taste, smell, recognize the feeling of fullness, satisfaction, emotional eating, etc. And I am grateful.

So next time you are plowing through your meal without taking in the reality around you, remember the Shutterbug Mom in the bleachers who is missing the moment by being pre-occupied by a different agenda.

It’s been a great 10-days. It’s time to say farewell…..

Be well my friends. Remember to live in the moment and love yourself happy.



Day 9-Andrea

This morning while I was having breakfast, I enjoyed the bread that my co-teacher made for us. It was bread with different types of cereals, delicious! I ate a slice mindfully. After I finished, my daughter just took a bite to her slice and said, “I don’t want anymore.” The slice on the plate with butter and jelly on top was inviting me to take a bite. I picked it up and I took a bite. As soon as I did it, I thought, “This is a bad decision. I am satisfied with the slice I ate, and I don’t need to keep eating. I need to stop right now. It is not too late.” I asked my husband to take the piece of bread away because I was not going to eat it. He was helping my daughter so I said, “You’d better hurry before I change my mind.”  It is so hard when you have food that you want but you need to say NO. I am glad I did. Even though a slice of bread was not a lot of food, I felt that I won a battle. I know it is hard to eat mindfully every day with each meal, but if I can do it at least once every day, I feel that it is a good beginning of  change.