Secret Family Recipe

My sister is visiting! She lives several states over, so we only see each other three or four times a year. I showed her my bag full of chocolate goodies. She reached in immediately, sinking her arm up to the elbow in “the good stuff,” as she put it (exactly my sentiments).

Did you think I would have a sister who eats only broccoli? I guess that could happen, but rest assured, though we are different in many ways, my sis and I share our chocolate cravings. Her weakness? Milk chocolate chips, which she theoretically buys for baking…but seems to burn through at a rate not equal to her cookie production.

As we readied for the mindful chocolate eating, she said, “You know what my favorite thing to do with chocolate chips is?” I finished her sentence for her because I knew she was thinking of our old family recipe.

Would you like me to share it? Okay, pay attention; it’s very complicated.

  1. Get a butter knife from the drawer.
  2. Insert knife into jar of peanut butter, twist, and pull out.
  3. Insert PB coated knife into opened bag of chocolate chips.
  4. Pull out knife. Whatever chips stuck to the knife are all yours! And the peanut butter, too!

My sister was a good sport. She gave the mindful eating thing a try, slowly eating a square of dark chocolate. Afterwards, when I offered her another piece, she declined. She felt she’d had “enough.” I count this as a big success. My sis doesn’t typically buy dark chocolate, but she’s going to give it a try the next time she’s reaching for the peanut butter jar.


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