Sara’s Day 4 – Stop! Think! Feel!

Day 4 of our challenge focused on Stopping Yourself by using our mind and psychology to cool our cravings.

It was a very busy day for me so I didn’t spend any time thinking about my cravings but I did notice – for the first time ever – that it’s natural for me to pair things together automatically without pausing to consider whether I am hungry or not.  This was a new (exciting!) thought for me.  I realized I have always paired my salad with crackers. Yesterday, I finished my salad and made a mindful gut-check – and realized I didn’t need those crackers! I was satisfied for the moment.  I didn’t panic, I told myself they would be available later in the day if I got hungry. And I moved onto my next project. BAM! An Aha moment and learning experience.

Then I began thinking about how many pairs I put together without stopping to consider my satiety (hunger/fullness) level.  Eggs and toast, Diet Coke and pretzels (a FAVORITE snack back in the day), two poptarts (they are packaged together so they must go together right?), soup and a big hunk of homemade crusty bread (Mmmmmm!), sandwich + crackers + applesauce + cheesestick + yogurt. Wow.

So I feel like a new woman with a new tool in my tool purse. Stop! Think! Feel! and know when I’m satisfied.



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    November 19, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    Two pop tarts do make a pair. Laughed at that pairing. Interesting conclusion. Now I’ll be thinking of my combos.