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Dr. Albers Recent Magazine Article &  Quotes

Feb 24th, 2014 Edition.  Quotes by Dr. Albers on Stress Eating

women's world



Shape:  The New Rules of Hunger

US News:  How to Eat Intelligently (and Enjoyably) Over the Holidays November, 5th 2013

Good Housekeeping: Good Housekeeping November edition!  p.89

Fitness Magazine: See Dr. Albers quote on stress eating in Fitness Magazine p. 144! FITNESS Magazine October, 2013

Women & Home: Fantastic article on mindfulness and mindful eating in the UK Woman and Home Magazine. Thank you for including Dr. Albers’ tips on p.142!

Huffington Post: 5 Easy Ways to Stop Stress Eating!


New York Times:  Rituals Make Our Food More Flavorful


TV Appearances


Good Day Cleveland  Oct 2nd, 2013

NYC, The Couch  October 7th, 2012

Dr. Oz


The Dr. Oz Show


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