The hubs and I don’t get out much. With two young kids and nary a grandparent in sight, our fine dining experiences are few and far between. Because of this, when we do go out, I’ll eat whatever I damn well please. That said, I’ll also eat more slowly, more mindfully, more conscious of the significant other across the table and of the delicious food. Dinners at home are a hurried affair, trying to get enough nutrients into the kids before they lose interest with the whole sitting still/not telling potty jokes at the table kind of thing.

Yet, in the interest of taking our time and making the most of our dinner out, my husband and I also tend to eat more than we would at home. We were at a nice Asian restaurant this weekend. We had sushi for an appetizer. We had wine. We worked on our main courses, swapping plates, then swapping back. And, need I say, we had dessert.

The waiter showed us the evening’s three offerings: some kind of berry-infused cheesecake, a second thing I can’t even remember, and *insert angel trumpeters here* The Hunan Tower, which was a layer of dark chocolate cake covered with a chocolate ganache, on top of a deep layer of fluffy chocolate mousse, on top of a thin layer of plain old cheesecake (two out of three ain’t bad).

We decided to “share” it. I quickly cut off the offending cheesecake layer and pushed it toward hubs. I then got to work on the two chocolate layers. Here’s a little fact you might not know. Come closer, I’ll whisper it…..If you have been with your significant other for more than ten years, it is perfectly okay to stab his hand with your fork if he tries to steal your cake!

I wasn’t even all that hungry for dessert, but I gave in to my cravings and polished off The Hunan Tower. However, since I don’t eat out much, I didn’t feel guilty. I felt full, yes, but not guilty. Tell me, what’s your experience with dessert when dining out?




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