Eat.Q. Blogger: Meet Andrea!

I am very excited to be part of this challenge! I am a super busy mom (3 year old girl and 6 month old baby girl) and a Montessori Preschool-Kindergarten teacher. On top of that, I am pursuing a master’s degree which requires a 3 hour drive, one way, to reach my university. I must travel twice a week to take classes, and I do homework and readings when my daughters are sleeping until late at night. I couldn’t do it without the support of my wonderful husband. I have been struggling with food since I was 12 years old.

I came from Argentina and over there most people really care about being fit and looking skinny. I have tried all kinds of diets. In my home country it is very popular to go to a nutritionist. So, I have tried many of them. I know exactly what I need to eat to be healthy, but I believe eating issues relate to the psyche and that we need to learn to have self-control. I used to eat a lot of vegetables in my home country. When I moved to the US, I started adjusting my diet to my husband’s taste and he doesn’t like veggies much. I still enjoy vegetables so much but it is easier to cook and eat what everyone else likes since I like everything. I love exercising, but right now, I don’t have time. I plan to go back to exercising as soon as I finish my master’s degree.

1 Food that I Can Live Without: Things that I eat with my coffee like pastries, doughnuts, cakes!

1 Food I Hate: That is the only thing that came to my mind. I like everything!

One Goal for the EatQ Challenge: Start controlling the amount of food I eat and try to watch the quality and quantity again without being on a strict diet counting calories. I hate it! Of course, lose some weight.

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    December 7, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    Andrea!! I am really impressed with your energy!!! ;)) I share with you the goal of controlling the amount of food without dieting. I have been dieting all my life and I am just tired. I am also busy in this moment of my life, so reading your blog really encourage me to keep trying!!I I wish that you reach all your objectives!!