Day 9-The Peace Within

I don’t know about you, but I don’t walk around with a natural peace filled personality!  Finding peace is always an after thought…after the stress becomes all consuming! I was reluctant about making this list.  But, the more I thought about it…this list brings to the forefront of your mind ways to be proactive instead of always being reactive!

5 Ways I Relax:
-A cup of tea in a funky mug
-Aveda Blue Oil (rolls onto any tense areas or for aromatherapy
-Relaxing Rituals Yankee candle in Calm
-Hug myself and take slow cleansing breaths
-I read through my mantras

5 People Who Comfort Me:(in no particular order)
-My cousin Melissa
-My friend Linda
-My friend Fr. Tim
-My Parents

5 Soothing Activities:
-A hot shower
-A walk in nature
-Rocking in a rocking chair by the water
-Listening to a guided meditation

5 Places that are Comforting
-My Psychologist’s waiting room (trickling water, scented reeds, low lights and quiet music)
-My bed with my afghan
-The Shack
-A beach

Parts of these lists did not come easily! Soothing without food is a new venture for me…only 25 days old! In some ways I still feel as if I am mentally detoxing from bad habits, abusing food and being unaware of my state of being. I have seen, over these 25 days, the real purpose of food! I always knew there were other ways to feel good, but why would I change what I was used to!

I encourage you to make the same list and find ways that will create a home for peace to live within!

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