Today was a super busy day. I didn’t teach today, because I had to take a class at the University. So, I woke up at 5 am and I had a coffee and some grapes, even though the night before I baked chocolate chips cookies with my daughter (we needed some fun girls time together). I felt good about that and even thought I ate them while I was driving, I could enjoy the crunchiness of the grapes’ skin and the juice when getting to the soft part.

I had dinner at my husband’s parent’s house. I always have a second serving because the food is always delicious. Tonight, we had burritos. I made one and I felt good when I was done. I enjoyed it and I ate slowly, however I was not as focused because we were chatting. There was ice cream for dessert and I ate it slowly as well and enjoying each cold and creamy bite. I know that I could have said NO to the ice cream. However, I feel that since the Eat.Q. challenge started I have been thinking and being more present while eating. This has helped me eat A LITTLE LESS. I think it is a good start.

For the coming week, my husband and I plan to think about healthier menus to have as ideas for dinner. Hopefully, that will help to change the quality of the food we eat every day.


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