I really needed the advice about what to do when there are temptations. I need to have more self-control during those moments, and definitely the tools that Dr. Albers recommends are great. I didn’t try any of them today, because I didn’t have much temptation. However, I thought that the trick about mints could help, because many times I just want something sweet after lunch or dinner and that could help me avoid some cookies or coffee cake.

I also think that having a plan ahead of time would make things easier. Today, I was coming home at 5 pm from work (I stayed too late at school getting things ready for the next day) and I was starving. My husband had my baby and he was tired too. None of us wanted to cook, so I suggested fast food. What!? Yes, I did. My husband was shocked! I mostly don’t want fast food, but today for some reason I thought it was ok. I had a chicken sandwich and fries (NOT GOOD CHOICE, I KNOW) but I ate it slowly and mindfully. Before we started the dinner, we again smelled the food and I asked my husband and daughter to find two adjectives for the food. While I ate, I thought about the crunchiness of the chicken in the middle of the soft bun. Making a plan for healthy food would avoid these last minutes choices.  Hopefully, my husband and I can work on that soon.

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