Day 3- The Power in Choices

This morning I walked confidently into this challenge of choices!  Having been detoxing from sugar and processed food for 19 days now, I felt fully prepared to stare down any obstacle that crossed my path! I was a little worried though that I would not really have any food choices to make today. I prepare every meal the night before so it is planned, set and ready to go! Well, whenever I feel I am on the straight and narrow I somehow find myself on a detour! Boy was the road riddled with potholes today!!

Many may not know this, but the teacher’s lounge is a dumping ground for kind and caring people to generously donate any fat laden calorie loaded food! FREE food that is!! The kinds of foods that most women stop at gas stations or convenient stores to pick up when they have had an unbearably stressful day! Cookies, donuts and CHOCOLATE,oh my!! Now, I have not walked into a teacher’s lounge other than lunch time since I started this sugar detox! Today I was feeling like the warm fuzzy feeling of a hot cup of chamomile tea! Before I knew it, my senses were on overload as the table of junk was sitting there looking very enticing! I paused for my one minute…took it all in with my eyes, took a moment to smell the donut holes, though about how sweet and powdery they would taste……made my tea and walked out!

I owned those choices today! I though about how they would not nourish my body, how horrible I would feel after the sugar high and of course how it would derail my plan!

The greatest satisfaction (even greater than eating the foods that I once thought were delicious) comes when YOU make the food choices rather than allowing the foods to choose you, being the confident decision maker rather than the guilty victim, and leading yourself instead of following momentary visually triggered cravings!

Show up equipped and prepared! Keep your chin up and feel EMPOWERED by your right to choose!


    November 14, 2013 at 10:33 am

    You GO GIRL! You are on fire! Great job! sw

    November 14, 2013 at 11:15 pm

    Thanks Sara! Some days are easier than others!! My body was not desiring any of these foods, but my brain was in the midst of an epic battle!!! It takes more effort to walk away than most people will ever realize!!! Thank’s for your support!