Day 1- Racer or Pacer?

Are you a racer or a pacer?  That is the question. When I read that question this morning I answered rather quickly…RACER!  Everything we do these days needs to be done quickly so we can move on to the next activity. Eating slowly, easy life style change right?  Wrong!

On my way to take the children to lunch, I was going over in my mind how I was really going to take a moment and plan out how I was going to eat my lunch.  By the time I got back to the teacher’s lounge (only 5 min later), I got involved talking and unpacking my lunch and before I knew it I was sitting down eating!  My lunch was half gone before it struck me (like lightening) that I was supposed to take a moment and prepare.  I stopped and took a few breaths (I must have been eating so fast that I was out of breath) and imagined I was eating my eggplant at a small cafe in the Tuscan countryside. (I enjoy visualizing imaginatively)  I would certainly be slowly taking it all in if I were in Tuscany!    Once I slowed down, I was able to use the rest of my lunch time to finish.

I often find myself eating quickly and then looking around for what else I can eat, mostly because I ate whatever it is so fast that it’s gone!  I realize I am not even aware of each bite let alone the many different flavors that make up the meal.  I can spend hours eating a meal with a friend.  Eating slowly, chatting, savoring and nourishing my body and soul. I need to work on being my own best friend and eating similarly when I am alone!  After all, I am WORTH the time!  We are ALL worth the time!

New personal daily challenge: Slowly & Savoringly! (I love making up new words!)


One Comment

    Elizabeth Frometa-
    November 12, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    Your line about eating fast and then looking around to see what else you could eat stood out to me, because now I realize why I do it. Last night as I ate dinner, I did slow down and noticed the taste the smell of my dinner. I set a timer for 20 minutes, but I noticed before the timer even went off I was all ready satisfied. I didn’t eat the whole thing and it was a great meal. Whereas my husband like always gobbled down his dinner, cleared his plate and while I was still eating I can hear him in the kitchen opening cupboards and the fridge and eating what he found. It all became clear to me. now if he will only follow my lead… Good luck to you on the challenge and keep up the good work! 🙂