Sara’s Day 1 – I’m a Recovering Racer, Learning to Pace

For the last several months I’ve been learning to be more mindful about eating so I laughed right out loud when the very first challenge is still something I’m trying to get a grip on. Our fast-forward culture emphasizes multi-tasking and efficiency. So becoming aware of eating and the process seems very counter-cultural to me. So it is refreshing to be reminded during this challenge to GET SLOW and stay slow. It’s intriguing to me to look at the way America eats – through fast food windows, convenience products – frozen, chopped, sliced or heat-n-eat – and now ‘speed dating meals’, to name a few. Did you know there is a movement to bring the joy back into preparing and cooking meals and bring families back together around a table for good, nutritious food and healthy conversation? On our busy days, we do rely on convenience foods and drive-thru’s, but I’ve made a bigger emphasis on home-cooked meals for my husband and boys (ages 8 and 12) in the last few months. We’ve noticed a difference in our wallets and in joyful conversation.

Today I enjoyed reading through Dr. Susan’s materials that came with our first challenge and on her website. For lunch I intentionally slowed down, said a prayer of gratitude for the farmer who grew my salad and fixin’s, then took a moment to take in the color and the beauty of the deep leafy greens, cucumber, green bell pepper, shiny grape tomatoes. I sought out different flavors with each bite – pinto beans, turkey pepperoni, Italian dressing, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. I tried chewing each bite at least 20 times and to identify the texture, flavor, temperature of each bite. I even tried to use my right hand to feed my self, as Dr. suggests, but that didn’t last too long! I must be very south-pawed. 🙂

I enjoyed this eating experience and will continue to slow down, savor, and enjoy my meal with intent and purpose. Until tomorrow….happy chewing! Sara


    November 11, 2013 at 9:22 pm

    Sara! What a successful day you had with the challenge! You tried many different techniques..I especially liked how you took a moment to say a prayer of gratitude for the farmer. I completely agree with you about how difficult it is to slow down in a world that is moving so fast!! It is very much like swimming up stream! I even took a real plate and real silverware to eat my lunch with today and I got a few comments and a few weird looks! I guess you gotta over look the haters and do what makes you happy! Less microwave chemicals and my ceramic red plate did just that…it made me happy! Onward Sister!!

      November 12, 2013 at 8:44 am

      Christine, in a world that emphasizes ‘fitting in’, I’m realizing it’s okay to ‘fit out’ to stay true to myself. Life is a journey isn’t it? Thanks for your comment. Cheers!

    November 12, 2013 at 9:04 am

    Chewing food at least 20 times before swallowing? Oh my! Loved your comment–“way America eats – through fast food windows, convenience products – frozen, chopped, sliced or heat-n-eat – and now ‘speed dating meals’, to name a few.” People are so frenzied to get onto the next thing. We forget eating can be a refreshing “break” in our crazy day to energize and uplift us. Thanks for reminding us. Great post.