Better Than Sex?

Recently, on Dr. Albers’ FB page, guest chef Kate Frichtl shared a recipe for black bean brownies that were seriously tasty. It got me thinking about the brownie recipes that fall under the “Better Than Sex” category. In the spirit of Valentines’ Day, let’s explore, shall we?

First off, a lot of recipes claim this title. A Google search for the term got me more than 20,000 hits. I also found “knock you naked brownies” and “slutty brownies,” which seem a tad much, at my age. But, I digress. We’ve already learned from Dr. Stavnezer’s article on cravings that eating chocolate releases a chemical in the brain called dopamine (the same chemical released during sex) so the connection is real.

But, honestly, if you had to choose? Hmmm? I remember the first time I was handed a Better Than Sex Brownie at a potluck when I was a virginal adolescent lass, and I became very, very sad. Because the brownie was okay, but I wondered, were brownies really better than sex? And if so, I might as well hold out a few more years. Now that I’m a much more mature and, ahem, experienced woman, I’m here to say, we must stop spreading this misinformation campaign. Brownies are not better than sex! Or at least they shouldn’t be.

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