10 Day Mindful Eating Challenge!

Are you ready to eat more mindfully this summer?  If so, great!  Join us June 1st for a 10 day challenge to kick start the summer.  During this ten day period, your task is to be mindful of everything you consume—snacks, meals, treats.   I’ll send you a tip and a daily challenge.  If you are not familiar with mindful eating, this will be the perfect opportunity to learn some of the basic skills and to give it a try.  Or, if you are an expert, a great time to practice your skills.  Don’t worry.  Mindful eating is not dieting.  Instead, it is paying attention to how you eat and breaking out of mindless eating routines.

A recent study on mindful eating in the journal Appetite *had 171 South Australian adults complete self-report measures on mindfulness and mindful eating.  They found that people who reported higher levels of mindfulness were more mindful eaters and reported smaller serving size estimates of energy dense foods.  Using the power of mindfulness helps people to manage how much they eat!  This is great news.

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